Business Value: What is it and How to Increase it ?

Business value, is the process of evaluating the economic value of your business unit. Once you’ve established the business value you will need to of course increase it. But how do you increase the value? Below we listed a how to guide:

Creating a System

Creating a system will help you structure how to increase the business value. It is worth mentioning, this system can also be used in our personal lives. The system is a set of defined principles and rules. A standardized process where things work better, are more productive and reliable.

Task list: list down all tasks that need to be carried out. Be specific with what needs to be done.

Execute: determine how each task will be carried out.

Creating a manual: once tasks have been identified and executed, this will help create a training manual that anyone will be able to use, even in your absence.

Networking: after creating the above system, it is great to be surrounded with the right people. By right people we mean people who will understand and are able to follow the system.

Deadlines: setting deadlines is what sets apart a dream and a goal. What makes goals real is that there is a time limit and it needs to be accomplished by then. A dream is just a dream because there is no deadline, it’s just wishful thinking.

Creating a system is what will set you apart and increase business value but it will also help you reach success and financial freedom.


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