Creating Good Habits

We have already discussed habits and what they are. To give you a reminder, a habit is a behaviour that has been repeated several times over a period of time and has become more or less an automatic action. It is done without purposeful thinking or sense of awareness. Habits such as brushing our teeth, getting dressed or tying shoelaces, we all do them on a daily basis that we don’t even think about them. We’ve split habits into three categories which are good habits, bad habits and unconscious habits.

Good habits are essentially fueled by motivation. We are inclined to do something because we have a motive. However, motivation can be tricky as it comes and goes. The ups and downs to being motivated make us inconsistent therefore making it hard to keep a habit. Whatever you do in life, when being inconsistent will get you nowhere. The key to moving forward is to be consistent with our habits. If you set yourself a goal you are more likely to keep it up and keep going. Start small and keep it consistent.

Success vs. Failure

What is success? it is a few simple disciplines that are part of your routine and are carried out on a daily basis. Doing so, will put you in the right path to success.

What is failure? it is the exact same thing. It’s simple disciplines carried out on a daily basis. In other words, the formula for both success and failure, are the same thing.

How does it work then: Although we are consistent with our routine and we carry out daily habits, this does not necessarily mean all habits are good. We all have vices, be it smoking, consuming unhealthy foods, overspending, gambling, etc… it is important to identify these bad habits and turn to good habits. But how do you identify them? Instinctively, we know if something is good or not regardless of how we feel about it.  For example, smokers know it is not good for them but they do it and enjoy it. To identify a good habit ask yourself this question ‘ Will this routine improve or damage my life?’ use it for when it comes to your finances, personal life, health, work and so on. This a a process that takes time but think that if you improve everyday by just 1% you are already a winner. After a period of time you will be twice as good as you use to be. Remember to take it step by step and set yourself small goals and increase as you do.


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