Decide your Path

Figuring out the right path can be complicated. Very often we are overtaken by our everyday life, our responsibilities grow and more people depend on us. Choosing your path means deciding what is right for you every moment. That means not choosing an option based what other people usually do. Ideally in every decision you stop and consider all options along your journey.

What are you going to do with the rest of your life ?

Choosing your path can rightfully be complicated but not impossible. It is important to ask ourselves what we want in life, where do we want to go ? Do you want to take the easy way, or do you want to take the harder way that will get you where you want ?

The best way to mark your path it by having dreams, goals and most importantly a plan. But before that you need to find your WHY?. If your why is not strong enough you won’t reach far. You must have a reason to get out of bed every morning. The reason for your why is what will be your success or your failure.

Setting goals for things we want and working towards them is an important part of our lives. Very often people don’t know what they want, however they are always sure of what they don’t want. If this is your case, list down all the things you don’t want. Once you’ve done that, right next to it write down the exact opposite to what you don’t want, which is what you want.

For example, say you don’t want to leave in a flat anymore then your goal would be to move into a house.

The next step will be your plan. How will you achieve your goal? Set a timeframe for your goals (by when you want to achieve what). By setting deadlines you keep yourself accountable to actually achieve the goal/s you’ve set. You then need to make the plan work. You’ve set your goals and timeline but now is the time do to the actual work to reach them. Just to because you wrote them down, it does not mean they will magically happen on their own. You need the put the work in.

Very important to point out that there should not be a Plan B. Although it is very common to have a back-up, it also serves up for excuses and a reason not to commit. If you want to be successful you need to fully commit to your plan.


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