It’s all in your Mindset

Having the right mindset is part of our wealth strategy. It is the base of what allows us to grow and develop ourselves. Our mindset is very important, because of the way we look at things, and we look at them through different “filters”. By “filters” we mean the different influences we’ve had in our lives. Be it from our teachers, parents, grandparents and so on. All these people have influenced our mindset while growing up.

Reaching our Goal

Sometimes we may feel stuck while trying to reach our goal, and this is because of the “filters”. Therefore we need to start working on them and get rid of those layers. To give you an example, it’s like peeling an onion and removing all layers until you reach the core. This is what needs to be done onto ourselves. Simply put, when we have a thought, it translates into a feeling on a subconscious level. That feeling will go onto create an action or in some cases an inaction, which will lead to a result, regardless if you acted upon or not. Of course, by not manifesting towards your feelings to achieve the result you want, nothing will happen.

Money Blueprint

Your money blueprint is the relationship you have with your money and how you think about wealth. Your thoughts, beliefs, and values regarding money are what have the potential to create your money blueprint. People with the mindsets that say they can’t afford something, that money doesn’t grow on trees, you need money to make money etc. are the ones who will struggle to reach financial freedom.

As Robert Kiyosaki puts it, turn that “I can’t afford it” into “How can I afford it?”.

As he explains, “One lets you off the hook, and the other forces you to think. By automatically saying the words ‘I can’t afford it,’ your brain stops working. By asking the question “ ‘How can I afford it?’ your brain is put to work.”

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