Rules of Conduct


Revised September 1st, 2022

As Members of Invested (“the Club”), Members must comply with the Club’s ‘Code of Conduct’ also known as “DOs & DON’Ts”.

Should a Member break this code thus imperilling the other Members and indeed the Club’s future, he or she will risk prompt termination of their membership and exclusion from the Club. Under such circumstances, all affiliation-generated income will be immediately forfeited.

During an investigation process, the Member’s Club account will be blocked.


DOs & DON’Ts


  • When a Member presents Invested to third parties, professionalism, respect, frankness and good faith are required. All communication in writing must be professional, reflect the Club’s values and be accurate, as per the Club’s available information on the Club’s website.
  • When Members are asked questions concerning the Club and/or its products and services they are unable to answer, the following steps need to be taken:
    – verify the FAQs
    • ask the sponsor (if they have one)
    • contact
    • come back to the inquirer once the relevant answer has been obtained
  • Only the information made available via the Club’s website, emails sent out by the Club, Club webinars and/or shared during local Club meetings may be used.
  • All promotional materials must be verified and approved in writing by the Club management prior to being shared by Members to third parties.
  • Members are personally responsible to pay all relevant and applicable taxes and contributions towards the fiscal authorities in their respective countries, including on income arising from the sale of shares, even if such sale is done through the Club.
  • Each Club Member is allowed to have one (and only one) Membership in the Club.
  • All media contacts and/or questions must be directed to Invested headquarters via email at



  • Members are strictly prohibited to construct ‘truths or facts’ based on their own judgment, beliefs and/or opinions, without having cross checked and received written validation on such ‘truths or facts’ concerning the Club and/or its products and services.
  • Members are strictly prohibited from promising guarantees of income, dividends or share profits.
  • Members are strictly forbidden from giving any advice concerning investments in or through Invested.
    Members must not pretend to be spokespeople for the Club.
  • Members are forbidden from enrolling other people as Members of the Club without proper consent from the people concerned.
  • Members are strictly forbidden to make any kind of adjustments and/or add/remove information from the informational emails sent out by the Club when forwarding these, or the information itself, on to prospects or fellow Members.
  • Members are forbidden to make any unsanctioned promises on behalf of the Club.
  • Members are forbidden to set up their own websites (or third parties’ websites) promoting the Club without prior written consent from the Club. This prohibition also includes any social media representations.
  • Members need to consider that the Club follows strict compliance guidelines and any unauthorized publication of Club content or interpretation of Club content outside the approved environment is strictly forbidden and, in some cases, it’s against the law.
  • Members may freely introduce and indeed present the Club to potential new Members; however, they are strictly forbidden to promote any investments.
  • From time to time, the Club will share sensitive information about certain companies and/or deals. In such cases, the Club will request confidentiality from the Members. Members are therefore strictly forbidden to share such information with third parties external to the Club.


This Code of Conduct – DOs & DON’Ts – will be updated from time. Members will be informed of any updates by email. The Club recommends Members to regularly visit this page and to familiarise themselves with these rules.


The most effective way to contact the Club is through