The Access Club vs Crowdfunding

Following our post where we introduced The Access Club, who we are and what we do. Today we are taking a look at the difference between The Access Club vs Crowdfunding.


Crowdfunding is essentially the funding of a project or venture by raising small amounts money from large amounts of people. This is typically done via the internet. Such platforms are regulated by the FCA; Financial Conduct Committee in the UK or any other regulatory bodies in other countries, where crowdfunding operates.

This means, they need to follow specific rules, laws and regulations regarding these financial promotions. One might see this as another way to market their company while attracting funds from the general public. Investments can start as little as £5 and go up to thousands. Although be mindful, as the information shared on such platforms is the minimum legal requirement.

Crowdfunding has created opportunities for entrepreneurs to raise thousands or millions of pounds from people with money to invest. It gives a chance to anyone with an idea to pitch it to a large audience ready to invest. The two most popular types of crowdfunding are:

  • Start-up companies looking to bring products or services the the world, by individuals that have experienced the gap in the market.
  • Individuals that have been affected by a natural disaster, lager medical bills or any other trafic event, receive an amount of financial relief they wouldn’t otherwise receive without such platform.

The Access Cub

When talking about The Access Club, we are talking about something completely different. Our club is essentially an investors club for people wanting to build wealth and accelerate their prosperity. It is all about business knowledge and it is very important in order to understand how businesses work as they take many shapes and forms along the years.

We focus our work in three essential pillars; building wealth, accelerating prosperity and diversifying investments. What we mean by building wealth, we mean  starting an investment portfolio that is diversified in asset classes and each class is also diversified by investing in different businesses, giving you a wide range of investments. By creating a robust investment portfolio, you are focusing on the short term, mid term and long-term returns. It is important to mention these come with different degrees in risks.

  • Asset Classes
    • Private Equity within Startups- high in risk with several protection mechanisms put in place. Returns can take as long as 10 years, however they can be very lucrative.
    • Real Estate- low in risk and can provide returns within months. Although keep in mind low risk; low returns
    • Energy- possibility to access investments that would otherwise be challenging to take part in. For instance, you would be able to directly invest in oil wells that provide tremendous returns.
    • Cryptocurrencies- giving you access into our Crypto Academy, where you will learn all about crypto trading, opening accounts, buying, and selling and most importantly which ones to invest in.

The club gives you access to certain types of investments that are somewhat difficult to access otherwise. Not only that, but you will also be investing as a professional investor/experienced investor, with all the protection mechanisms in place.

You will also the opportunity to network with other members that share the same mindset and vision with you. When you are joined by other people towards the same journey, you are all fighting for the same purpose, making you stronger and reaching further.

If you’re ready to accelerate your prosperity and build your wealth, don’t be long, come and join our club

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