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Hi! I’m João! I am Portuguese, from Lisbon, however I have lived and worked in eight different countries. I’m married to Ana and together we have 4 beautiful children, 2 + 2, all grown-up professionals and independent. Our daily pride and joy.

I’m going to share a story with you that’s pretty embarrassing…so much so that it pains me even to think of it…

Here’s what’s funny to me: I get comments like, ‘You were probably always really good at managing your money’, while in fact, I was the exact opposite!

Thinking back, it was the early 2000s, I was in my home country of Portugal, in a town called Estoril, which is only 20 minutes outside of the capital city Lisbon and I was running a fairly successful business selling vitamins. I was the only source of money for my family, which includes my wife Ana and our 4 children. To be honest, I was pretty excited to see my business growing and couldn’t wait until the day I could sell it for a nice big check.

Now, the story you’re about to hear is pretty bad, BUT this was the experience which took me from being very unstable financially to a state of total financial independence and I think you want that too, right?

Still, it took this one event — something so embarrassing and life-altering — to really move me into action and take my finances from fragile to rock solid.

To get my vitamin business up and running, I had to invest a substantial amount of money to develop a new website, inventory, marketing materials, personnel, office, you name it. At the time, that seemed like a good move, but that’s because the 2008 financial crisis hadn’t yet arrived in Portugal.

And just like that, my worst nightmare happened…

The financial crisis arrived with a BANG and my business eventually dried up. I was once again broke, drowning in over €200,000 of debt.

I felt like a total loser having to explain to my family why we needed to sell our car just to be able to afford rent.

And both my wife and I had to work like we never worked before… I think we can all relate, that was a very hard time.

However, it was at this time that I made the most important decision I’ve ever made…

I told myself…

“Never again would I allow poor management of my finances to stand in the way of what folks like you and I really want: Freedom, Abundance and Peace of Mind…”

A year or two later, I was in a little bit better position with my finances and it was around this time I came into contact with some old friends of mine and they introduced me to my future business partners.

We didn’t know it at the time, but this was the start of us creating a very successful investors club in 2015. We developed a proven strategy for managing our finances which led to us all being able to build an extraordinary foundation of wealth for us and for our families.

All in all, we invested about €20M in 15 start-ups, some of them very successful. Others, not so much, but that’s the name of the game. You win some, you lose some.

Due to non-disclosure agreements, I can’t say how much we made, but let’s just say it was a very good amount and it absolutely outweighed the losers by at least 10X.

Please remember that, despite my success today when it comes to knowing how to invest, I’m absolutely no different than you…

Years of Experience

Active Members

Common Goal

A Private Club Made By Prosperity Accelerators, For Prosperity Accelerators!


Really, the only difference between you and I is that I had some lucky breaks and came across this ‘Investment Club’…

You see, an investment club allows people just like us, real, everyday men and women to know exactly which financial strategies to follow, without having to do any of the complicated and confusing hard work to find all of the information.

Instead of having to search for hours online for information, you can simply ask the club. They say “follow this strategy” and you follow it because their strategists spend 80% of their time looking for lucrative investments and therefore, they have a high probability of predicting things correctly.

This brings you extreme and total confidence in any financial strategy you make, knowing that this may be the big one that sets you up for life.

In my case, the three core pillar investment strategies that this club gave me allowed me to dig myself out of hundreds of thousands of euros of debt…

It created a foundation of wealth that allowed me to spend more time with my family and with my friends and it allows me to do what I enjoy doing every day WITHOUT having to worry about my finances…

And these strategies are the exact same ones I use and teach to men and women like you to ensure you’re able to achieve total financial independence…

Welcome to my life project, The Access Club!

How the Access Club Name Was Born…


Back in November 2019, I was working with this “investment club”, but knew I wouldn’t stay there much longer.

In spite of its successful strategies, I believed the business model could be improved. So, I started to think about the concept for the perfect investors club and I also started to think about a name for such an outstanding new club.

And I did think about many names. Some, I even bought the .com domain, but none was really THE NAME, you see what I mean?

At some point, I came up with “The Access Club” and immediately felt it was the right name. I was very comfortable with it and felt it had everything to do with what I wanted to offer our Members, ACCESS, to experiential educational programs and lucrative financial strategies followed by the ultra-rich and not usually accessible to most people.

Although I felt it was the right name, I somehow felt I needed some kind of confirmation. Then, one day, it was a Sunday, I woke up and I thought I would love to have a sign saying that “The Access Club” is really THE NAME.

And, like we usually do on Sundays, Ana and I went to church. Believe it or not, during the sermon, the priest started talking about one of the very first credit cards that was ever made available, which was called the ACCESS CARD. Can you believe it? At that moment, you know, that was the sign I had been asking for. I thought this was extraordinary. I thought, wow. I mean, I couldn’t have asked for a better sign. Think about it, what are the odds of having a priest, on the Sunday sermon, talking about credit cards and mentioning the name you are thinking about?

It’s now very clear to me, The Access Club is not only a blessed name, a providential name, it’s also a blessed club. When you have access, you have it all, when you don’t, you have nothing.

Welcome to The Access Club. It’s great to have you with us.

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