Wealth Mindset

We all dream of one day becoming financially wealthy. However for most people it remains a dream and nothing more. Why is that ? Is it because the rich are more intelligent or because they work harder? They work better? They work smarter? They have more talent? What is the difference? The difference is essentially their mindset. You can come across people that work very hard but not make enough money or people that are very intelligent that do not make enough money. It all goes back to the mindset. Most people don’t set their mind to achieve their goals. Although they might not be happy with their current situation, they are comfortable and comfort is the enemy of growth.

Scarcity Vs Abundance

Having a wealth mindset is directly linked to living an abundant life. However when it comes to money there is always this fear that there is not enough. It goes without say that abundance is not only about money but this seems to be what majority of people struggle with. A wealth mindset has you feeling positive about money and your ability to attract it even when times are tough.

Scarcity mindset: the belief that there will never be enough resulting in feelings of stress, fear and anxiety. The scarcity mindset prevents from reaching wealth and this is mainly because people focus on what they have instead of working on new opportunities. Fear is the biggest factor here, as we feel secure collecting a paycheck month after month without realising we put our financial well-being in the hands of others. A scarcity mindset also leads people to make poor decision. For example, one is worried about paying bills at the end of the month however they will avoid their responsibilities by putting off payments or worst make late payments, therefore increasing feelings of scarcity.

Abundance mindset: follows the example that there is plenty of everything for everybody. This is a significant difference in mindset. A person with an abundance mindset focuses on countless opportunities, whether for business or personal life. They chose to look at life positively rather than focusing on the negative aspects. Abundant thinking is about focusing on the things you have rather than what you don’t have. This mentality will help you create more opportunities, happiness and fulfilment

It is important to make a shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset, and this shit is made through our belief system. Putting in place a set of daily declarations such as the ones on our Prosperity movement, is a starting point to an abundance mindset. This sets the tone for what you are building and want to achieve.

Here are some tips on how to move from scarcity to abundance:

  • Financial timeline- powerful exercise, where you go through your life’s financial timelineMake a graph to see how your finances have been through the years. You might be doing better than what you think. 
  • Prosperity tracker- make a habit of measuring your prosperity on a monthly basis. The graph will have ups and downs but with an indication of an upward incline.



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